Saturday, March 14, 2009

LA River Graffiti Work, March 2009

The big crackdown on graffiti in the LA River has erased a lot of beautiful art, but also freed up a lot of new space. It's pointless and asinine for the city to spend money it doesn't have to blast off the paint - or paint over it.

Above: MORS.

In any case, I found some interesting stuff going south from Atwater Village by bike down to the point where the Arroyo empties into the River.

The Arroyo was the site of the huge, legal, city-sanctioned Meeting of Styles in 2007. All that work has been obliterated, leaving barren ugly concrete where there used to be images of our city, riverscapes, surreal pieces, and massive works by LA art legends, like Chas Bojorquez, Mr.Cartoon and others. Above, a few from the start of the ride. Many more coming.

All photos by Mark Mauer. click image for larger versions.

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